Repairs and maintenance of electric trains and diesel trains

The main services offered by the Company within the scope of all kinds of repairs and maintenance of multiple units rolling stock - electric trains ER2, ER2T, ER2R, DR1 series diesel trains and its aggregates in accordance with MURS operating instructions and technical regulations for various kinds of repairs are as follows:

  • Maintenance (within the scope of TA-2, TA-3, TA-5)
  • Current repairs (within the scope of TR-1 and TR-3)
  • Overhaul (within the scope of KR1 and KR2)
  • Special repairs, modernization with various scopes of repair
  • Off-schedule repairs – repair of damages of MURS incurred during its operation or as a result of third parties impact
  • Internal and external cleaning – external washing of cars, cleaning of the passenger area
  • Overhaul of diesel engines MTU – dismantling/installation of diesel engines
  • Overhaul of Voith hydraulic transmission – dismantling/installation of the hydraulic transmission
  • Turning of wheelsets within the scope of TA-4
  • Routine examination of wheelsets
  • Repair of auto-couplings of multiple units rolling stock
  • Repairs of various assemblies and aggregates of rolling stock.








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