Repairs and maintenance of shunters

JSC “VRC Zasulauks” offers all kinds of repairs of TEM, TGM, and TGK series shunters and their aggregates (within the scope of TR, KR1 and KR2), including modernization with extension of service life up to 15 years as well as their maintenance (within the scope of TA) in accordance with the requirements of relevant technical regulations and instructions.


The Company offers to perform these works as an ongoing outsourced service by entering into long-term agreements on periodical maintenance and necessary repairs.

Within the scope of these agreements, the Company shall carry out examination and repairs of hydraulic transmissions, engines, wheelsets, auto-couplings, safety devices and other locomotive equipment and devices.


JSC “VRC Zasulauks” has a long-term experience in rendering of such services. The Company possesses the necessary material and technical basis and adequately trained personnel and relevant job performance certificates enabling quality rendering of the aforementioned services.


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